Saturday , June 3 2023

Fallout 76 increases hidden size, supports ultra-high speech display, adds push-to-talk, but does not use the FOV slider.


updateBethesda has updated the Reddit posts mentioned below to add push-to-talk functionality to Fallout 76 in the near future. This story has been updated to reflect that change.

Original: The post on Bethesda Reddit thanks 76 Fallout players who participated in the beta test today. The development team says they read the comments, hear their opinions, and plan to make some changes to Fallout 76 at launch or after launch. Also habit It is changing and not good news.

On the positive side, the ultrawide resolution will be supported after the November 14 release of Fallout 76, according to the post. It's not a big surprise because I've done well with 21: 9 except UI, but it's still good news that official support comes at some point.

Bad news for those who want to add the FOV slider. "We did not support the FOV slider in previous games, it's known to break many animations and create many clips on the screen. We will not have it for the first person's sight. " Boo. Despite locking the last patch, I hope to find new ways to adjust it myself.

Push-to-talk will be added in the near future in accordance with the revision to the Reddit post (I mentioned earlier that I will look at it). There is no mention of Reddit posts in text chat, but it helps to communicate with other missing features, especially those who are deaf, hearing impaired, and those who like to type and read rather than listen and listen for a variety of reasons. Text chat is also a good way to detect and filter profanity in online games. I am 100% embarrassed by omitting text chat altogether. Your PC has a keyboard. Let us use them. For some, this is the only option.

If you go back to the positive, the 400-pound basis-hide size will expand at some point in the future. The player has been making pretty demanding demands since the beta test began and tapped his limits during the Tuesday beta. Looking forward to additional storage space.

You can read the full post from Bethesda on Reddit.

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