Sunday , April 18 2021

Five animals struggle to survive in the film's unpredictable new dynasty in the BBC.

Johannesburg – BBC studio's "Cinematic and unpredictable intense" new natural history series dynasty Start Sunday on BBC District (DStv 184) in 16:00Chimpanzees, penguins, lions, painted wolves, tigers, and the opportunity to arrest the lives of five animals in a dramatic struggle for survival.

Produced by the world-renowned BBC Studios Natural History Unit, this film and emotional series is a new kind of natural history event that covers five of the world's most famous and endangered species.

It will bring viewers to the forefront of the animal world and survive, thrive, and truly become the best kind.

"dynasty We closely track the lives of animals fighting for their own survival and the future of their bloodline. These are some of the most dramatic scenes you will not ever see. "Said Joel Churcher, vice president and general manager of BBC Studios for Africa.

Churcher was held on Wednesday night ahead of a BBC Studios press conference that left the first episode of the Imax movie at the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg Midland. The media, public members, advertisers and other customers were invited to a new documentary series Surprised and shocked some of the unexpected emotional scenes and stunning scenes portrayed vividly in

"For each episode dynasty, The BBC crew spent hundreds of days in home symbolic positions on each of the animals. We join these animals at important moments of life. "Churcher said.

"The first episode follows the chimpanzee leader David, who is invading each other in order to survive in the Sahara Desert in the Kedougou region in southeastern West Africa."

This series is devoured by a thousand emperor penguins who gathered in the frozen wastes of Antarctica in the coldest parts of the world and male guards who lead the family from Africa's greatest danger along the mighty Lionesses in Kenya's Maasai Mara Lost. Savannah. "

"In the floodplain of Manapur National Park in northern Zimbabwe, there is a struggle in which the mother and daughter green wolves threaten the future of the great family. In the jungles of Bandhavgarh, India, tigers are about to raise their young. Are being weighted.

The first episode of David, not named after Sir David Adamborough (Sir David Attenborough), and his troops are really powerful stories. "

309 days photographed

It took 309 days to film, and every morning the filmmakers fought at 4 o'clock in the morning and walked 24 hours a day, 19 o'clock, over 40 degrees. Dynasty movie technology is cinematic, unpredictable and attractive. "

"We are so excited. The dynasties We not only show it to the BBC District (DStv 184) at 16:00 on Sunday BBC Brit (DStv 120) and BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174) Ensures that all DStv subscribers can watch simultaneously. And you can see it in DStv Catch Up, and those using Explora connected can see it in DStv Catch Up Plus. "

Rosie Thomas, producer and director of the first chimpanzee episode, also attended Wednesday night.

"It was a lifelong experience to shoot chimpanzees for more than 300 days in one corner of Senegal," Rosie Thomas said. "It was hard for us to walk or get a fever for a few days, but the group took us on a marvelous journey of power struggle, friendship and politics, one of the most unusual landscapes we saw in chimpanzees."

"We worked with a team of excellent Senegal experts who could not capture the narrative stories of David and his group."

Here's the trailer.

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