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Gerard Butler's house 'half-way', others are waiting for the passage of fire.


In Los Angeles, California, wildfires were damaged or destroyed in coastal forests, and thanks to firefighters, celebrities and compassion and solidarity with celebrities were heavily hit by the deadly victims of the state and became known to celebrities. They are safe.

"After the evacuation, we came back to our home in Malibu." Gerard Butler wrote in Instagram's post by a picture showing a burned structure and a severely dried vehicle. "A heartbreaking time throughout California, inspired by courage, spirit and firefighter's sacrifice."

The "van" vanished "300" actor complained of complaints in a video that showed complaints in his Scottish accents.

Robin Thicke's Malibu house was totally burned.

The 41-year-old singer said in Instagram that his girlfriend and his two children were "safe and surrounded by friends and family" thanks to firefighters.

"When we were driving safely, they took their lives to save our homes," Thicke said.

Her publicist Howard Bragman emailed the Associated Press on Saturday night that Camille Grammer Meyer of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" lost her Malibu home. .

"Sadly, we could not save our house." Actor Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife, Meyer, wrote in an Instagram post that showed a huge burning house.

Caitlyn Jenner was one of the lucky ones. I learned that her house was saved on Sunday.

"Yes, my house has made it!" Jenner showed the blackened landscape with his bare hands around the house in the Instagram video.

"This was a terrible incident in the Malibu," Zenar said. The hills are completely dry. Pride to say least. We are very lucky. "

Orlando Bloom, Alyssa Milano, Lady Gaga, "The Office" Actor Rainn Wilson and fashion designer Donna Karan and many others were evacuated. Some people knew the house was safe and waited for an opportunity to come back. Others were in the dark, posting pictures of feathers of smoke and telling them that their home was somewhere.

Wilson shared a photo of over 100 people missing last weekend at a giant wildfire in northern California, saying, "Keep your California safe and send it to America," Wilson said on his Twitter account. 23.

Milano said her house was "in danger" as strong winds kicked again on Sunday.

Southern California wildfire killed two people and destroyed at least 177 houses. The fire began Thursday night and escaped to Malibu and the Pacific Ocean and evacuated from Malibu, Calabasas, Aguura Hills and other surrounding areas.

Paramount Ranch's "Western Town" was a landmark filming site built in 1927 that included prisons, hotels and pubs. The TV series "Westworld" is one of many works taken at the ranch in the western mountains of Los Angeles.

Oliver Hudson said, "Los Angeles is a great place, but when a fire occurs, we have to act luckily." Oliver Hudson attended the "Rules of Engagement" at Colver City's charity event. Many people are dealing with more. "

Julie Bowen, actress of the "Modern Family," said that everyone who has suffered from the flames should have compassion.

Bowen thinks that many people think of Malibu as a celebrity's second hometown culture at the Culver City event. "But these people are the first and last and only home, and going up and down all the gorges there is not necessarily a rich man who knows they can afford to lose their homes. Life and death, and it is really tragic. "


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