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Is Google's top secret Yeti game hardware a Chromecast adapter? – Diversity

Google will announce its future at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco next week. Our guesses, from cloud gaming to the gaming console, are almost unknown. However, according to company patents, code snippets, and other cues, this service may be closely tied to other major Google products, the Chromecast streaming adapter.

Prior to the Tuesday press conference, Google indicated that the video game plan would include hardware components. Most notably, we've launched a placeholder page on the Google Store that companies use to sell their own stores, smart speakers, and streaming devices. In addition, recently discovered patents include a game controller with a microphone button to access Google Assistant.

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We know you've experimented with cloud gaming services. This service, called Project Stream, allows users to play "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" without having to install it on their PC, without streaming it to Google's servers. The product, which will be released next week, is expected to combine new gaming hardware and cloud streaming services.

How all of this can be right for the first time has been described in patents granted to companies for "independent control of interactive streaming media". Google's first patent in 2015 lists key players for Google's Chromecast streaming Google Home VP Rishi Chandra, media player as inventor, including former Google Home Hardware Design Director Michael Sundermeyer and Chromecast Engineering Chief Majd Bakar.

On the surface, it seems to be about remote media control similar to that of Chromecast, with reference to a "simple video decoding device" in which the patent does not have a "physical interface to accept input". But you'll dig into the details, see the artwork, and quickly realize that this is all about the game.

In the patent:

"In one non-limiting example, a mobile device may establish a streaming session in a cloud-based gaming environment. (…) In some implementations, a user may use a display device and a media player (E.g., online games, video, applications, etc.) on a television (e.g., a television). (…) Once a session is established, Paired / connected) to start the game through a streaming media session. "

This means that users can select and launch a cloud-based game from their mobile phone, transfer it to the TV, and then play it using the game controller.

Credits: courtesy of Google / USPTO

The idea that Google will start playing games using Chromecast is not new. This information reported that in the early 2018, we were engaged in an internally cloud-based video game streaming service called "Yeti," which was developed to run on Chromecast. According to this report, development eventually moved to a dedicated video game console, but there is still an implication that there is a connection to Chromecast.

On September 5, Google mentioned Google's developers in the comments about "Yeti people" in a comment on the open source component of the Chromecast code that Google's game services team is pushing slower video streaming on their Google TV dongles. I knew.

However, the link appears deeper. Kinds I noticed that the code running on Google's Chromecast this week referred to the game service. The JavaScript code used to create the homescreen for all Chromecast streaming adapters currently in circulation includes a mention of & # 39; mockYetiStreamingService & # 39 ;.

Credits: courtesy of Google

Chromecast home screen / background code: See Yeti Streaming Service.

To be fair, this does not mean that our game services are actually based on Chromecast hardware. We've integrated Chromecast technology into most modern hardware products, including the Android TV streaming platform used by Google Home smart speakers, home hub displays, and a variety of smart TV manufacturers. It would be enough if Google could add casting technology to even the upcoming video game consoles or even rely on technology.

However, in October we launched the third generation of the Chromecast streaming adapter. In addition to a few ad hardware changes, the new hardware includes Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth support, two features you need to use Chromecast for gaming. At that time, our spokesperson did not mention these features.

When Google invited media and industry representatives to open on Tuesday, the fact that Google's Chromecast adapter has a rounded shape under the tag "Gather around" could be pure coincidence, It may have been hidden.

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