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Jumprope Jump Beyond YouTube – TechCrunch

YouTube pauses and rewinds. How to play tricky parts of the tutorial? Jumprope is a new educational social network that offers a powerful way to create slide show productions. Jumprope helps people create step-by-step guides for cooking, beauty, crafts, parenting, etc., using voice-enhanced cyclic GIFs for each step. Authors can also export full lessons for sharing with Instagram, YouTube, or elsewhere.

Jumprope officially launches its iOS app today with lots of ways to make chocolate chip bars, Easter eggs, flower boxes, or fierce eyebrows. Jake Poses, co-founder and CEO of Jumprope, said, "By turning freestyle linear video into a much more structured one, people can share knowledge and hacks more easily.

With the advent of Snapchat Stories and Pinterest, people are running around the camera and showing interest in niche markets. Jumprope can be your home for rapid learning by building new media. Jumprope can earn serious cash in advertising or affiliate commerce because the viewer is willing to purchase makeup, art supplies, or equipment to follow.

The opportunity to bring instruction manuals to the Mobile Video era brought together a $ 4.5 million seed round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and a strategic angel such as Scott Belsky and Thumbtack, Adobe senior product managers (CTP). Co-founders Marco Zappacosta and Jonathan Swanson. People are already swallowing casual educational content in HGTV and food networks, but Jumprope democrates creation.

Jumprope co-founder (from left): CTO Travis Johnson and CEO Jake Poses

The idea came from Poses' personal place. "My sister has a very serious learning gap, so I grew up with him and I appreciated how things were broken and explained to people," Poses says. "I think I attached myself to this problem. & # 39; hOh, do you organize information for simplicity and ease of understanding? & # 39 ;. LMany people are stuck in the head because there is no way to easily share this information. "

Poses previously worked as a product vice president of Thumbtack, helping to increase the company from eight to 500 and to earn a valuation of $ 1.25 billion. He teamed up with Travis Johnson, vice president of engineering at AppNexus, who led a team of 50 programmers. "This product requires people who are knowledgeable and passionate, but not video-making technology. [and gives them] It's a guardrail that makes it easy to communicate, "Poses explains.

While it may take many years for YouTube to interfere with existing businesses, such as capturing viewers, Jumprope thinks guide creation and exporting tools are a way to steal and steal users. This strategy reflects how TikTok's watermarked exports colonized the web.

How to make a jump.

Jumprope organizes everything you need to upload, including cover images, introductory videos, supplies list, and all steps. Record videos that can be enhanced with voice, speed, music and filters for each.

Creators can monetize their videos by suggesting their own products or entering affiliate links. Once you have enough viewers, Jumprope plans to introduce your ad, but you can also add tips, subscriptions, paid methods, or brand sponsorship options. Creators can export classes with five border themes and seven aspect ratios to embed into Instagram feeds, IGTV, Snapchat Stories, YouTube, or blogs.

"Just like stories, basically tapping at your own pace." Poses speaks about the viewing experience. Jumprope provides some basic discovery through categories, themed collections, or new and popular ones. Start-ups have made extensive efforts to register the major producers of all the top categories. That means Jumprope's catalog already contains a wide range of content. The food guide can range from thinner to pot roast, to perfect cutting of onions.

"You do not have to deal with the frustration of cooking something, and you're trying to start and stop the video with greasy hands," Poses says, "if you do not want all the details, Next, the company intends to create a description function that will leave notes, alternative suggestions, etc. at each step of the guide.

Poses claims that no one is making a direct competitor to the mobile video HOWTO editor. But he admits that it will go uphill to replace Instagram and YouTube's viewership. One challenge Jumprope faces is how most people do not hunt videos every day. The app should work to remind you of existing users, and not just lazy defaults to recommend videos hosted by Google.

The Internet has gathered communities around every possible concern. But more access to creation and consumption requires better tools for production and curators. As we move from material culture to experiential culture, people want skills that help them create memories and contribute to the world around them. With Jumprope, you can jump into a professional life.

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