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Male and female too: why Marisa wants to be somewhere & # 39;

Marisa Rivas never felt comfortable living as a woman, but she did not identify him as a man.

Last year, Rivers, 30, an admission coordinator at the University of Los Angeles, received a mastectomy. This year Rivas began using the sex-neutral "them" and "their" pronouns.

Later in late June Ribas went to the Los Angeles LGBT center in West Hollywood and talked to his doctor about oral "low-volume" testosterone.

Rivas hopes to get a clearer jaw line and more aggressive physique without apparently masculine features such as facial hair.

The goal is obviously a shape that is not male or female.

"I still want to be in the middle," said Rivas.

Micro-administration of hormones is becoming more of a concern to some nonbinary people, such as Rivas, who are trying to masculine or feminize the body in subtle ways.

There is little research on the fashion of this technique, but doctors treating transgender and non-heterosexual patients say the medical community should consider the needs of those who want to change their bodies without being completely medically converted to the opposite gender.

Marisa Rivas is taking low-dose testosterone.
Marisa Rivas is taking low-dose Jim Seeda / NBC News

"Everyone who uses transgender has to undergo surgery and get a hormone that can be as 'male' or 'female' as possible. California State University School of Medicine

Non-English language advocates are calling for a broader definition of medical transition as more Americans identify outside sexism. 56% of the "Generation Zers" born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s report that they know people who use sex-neutral pronouns. More than a third of the approximately 28,000 respondents to US adults in 2015

The Transgender Survey is the largest survey of trans-person experiences, reporting that they are not rational or gender quests.

Because the US healthcare system generally tracks only the sexually assigned activities at birth, not all people are seeking medical conversion for non-sexes.

However, for those who wish to progress to a gender-neutral appearance, microinjection is an increasingly discussed option. Several YouTube videos describing your experience have logged thousands of views.

Having been treating transgender patients since 2001, he began to reduce hormone doses to give patients time to regulate and find comfortable hormones.

Low doses have the same effect as higher doses, but testosterone takes longer to have effects such as muscle mass, hair on the face, and estrogen, which increases body fat.

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Marisa Rivas has lunch with her wife Candace Lopez at Casa La Dona in downtown Los Jim Seeda / NBC News

The results of certain doses can vary greatly from person to person due to genetics, he said. Patients often ask to switch to higher or lower doses when they see changes in their body. Or, rarely, stop taking the hormone completely.

Rivas has a simple appeal.

"The problem with microdosing is that I can always stop taking it if I do not want to," Rivas learned about microdosing through an essay published in Vice in April.

"In a way, I can do something if I feel I may want more."

Wild trip

Micah Rajunov (33), who edited the book "Nonbinary: Gender and Identity of Memoirs," began to hear the word "nonbinary" in 2010.

Rajunov, a Ph.D. student at Boston University at the time, barely understood the meaning of the transgender, but did not see it as a man or woman.

After receiving a mastectomy in 2011, Rajunov decided to take a look at some YouTube videos produced by people taking low-dose testosterone.

Rajunov explained the journey to find the correct testosterone dose as "turbulence." Rajunov's doctor prescribed more than Rajunov had expected and was not sure of the dose. Rajunov liked some effects, including deeper voices, but he did not like the growth of facial hair.

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Rajunov said that everything seems to be happening too quickly.

"I stopped for a while, I felt as much as I wanted as much as I wanted, and I found it again.

Rajunov switched to a new physician in 2013, helping Rajunov find a dose of about one-fourth that is considered normal.

"I will quit if I experience more unfortunate masculine change, but I have not reached that point," Razhnov said.

Rajunov, who runs the resource blog for nonbinary people named "", responded to thousands of emails from nonbinary people looking for support related to conversions.

About one-third of people who write are interested in learning about micro-medication and how to find a knowledgeable provider, Rajunov said.

Transnasal and non-heterosexual men assigned to men at birth are prescribed hormone blockers to control natural testosterone levels.

However, not everyone is interested in taking the blocker, and some may prefer lower doses to get more looks, but not more.

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