Sunday , May 16 2021

Marcia Clark is O.J. The Simpsons trials have been made into a "depressed person" as she looks ahead at the new show "The Fix."

Marcia Clark says she is O.J. Recognizing infamous events, Simpson trials in the new series "Modify" made the test "much more depressed".

Clark told reporters on Tuesday on the Winter Press Tour of the TV Critics Association in Los Angeles.

"She seemed to be facing the divide of this country in the face of manipulations that had nothing to do with the evidence brought to court, and should never be allowed," she continued. "I see that justice is being frustrated every day, and justice was an important mission with me," he said.

She concluded that the Simpson trial was "very painful."

O.J. Simpson Makie Clark Announces New Tricky TV Series from A & E

Clark is now co-creator of the ABC show "The Fix" and will be seen by viewers who watched the Simpsons saga. Los Angeles District Attorney Royine Tunney has a history of not prosecuting famous movie stars for two murders.

Eight years after the first trial, the actor was convicted for another murder, and Tui's character initially pursued justice that escaped her.

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Clark reported Tuesday that the first five minutes of the show at the TV Critics' Meeting pulled out what she had suffered during the Simpson trial. After that, she says the story is a complete fiction.

The series debuting on March 18th will focus on one of more than 10 episodes.

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