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Ministry of Health warns about recent rain and mosquitoes

Ministry of Health warns about recent rain and mosquitoesPhoto: John Tann / CC BY 2.0

The Kansas Health and Environment Administration (KDHE) has recently encouraged Kansas to take preventive measures to protect itself from mosquitoes.

"Certain mosquitoes are spread to humans by mosquito bites, such as the West Nile Virus and the Saint Louis Encephalitis virus," said KDHE Secretary Le Norman. Prevention is important because it can be fatal. "

KDHE recommends the following three precautions.

Drain – Remove standing water where mosquitoes live and breed.
• Empty standing water in pots, buckets, tarpaulins, old tires and rainwater.
• Change the water in the pet dish and change the water in the cage every week.
• Make a hole in the tire swing to drain water.
• Pools that children do not sit in are empty or lay side by side.
• If water can not drain, larvicide can be used to control the number of mosquito species and is readily available from retailers.

Clothes – Clothes when you wear clothes outdoors.
• Wear protective clothing if practical (long sleeves and pants).
• Limit outdoor activity at dusk or at night when mosquitoes are most active.

Use insect repellents to contact DEET – DEET or other EPA approved pills
• When used as directed, EPA registered insecticides have proven to be safe and effective even for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.

Currently, no West Nile virus or St. Louis encephalitis virus has been reported in Kansas, but KDHE reminds people to take precautions because it can increase mosquito populations.

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