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Mosquitoes can hear sounds from far away, research says


Photo Credit: ZoranD / Pixabay

Mosquitoes can tap the conversation. Researchers at Binghamton University and Cornell University Aedes Aegypti The mosquito's antenna can detect the noise at least 10 meters away.

This study Current biology On February 7th, a mosquito, previously considered limited in hearing, could actually hear from a longer distance, he said in a Binghamton University press release. Through this study, scientists can better understand how mosquitoes use their senses to detect food sources and potential colleagues.

The professors at the two universities cooperated to test the mosquito's enhanced hearing abilities. Laura Harrington and Ron Hoy of Cornell University studied how mosquito hearing affects conjugation behavior, and Hoy intercepted Dr. Gil Menda to record mosquito antenna neural activity when stimulated by noise. The team found that mosquito nerves were sensitive to distant sounds.

Through these steps Hoy and Menda have teamed up with Professor Ron Miles of Binghamton University to place mosquitoes in laboratories designed to absorb sound without background noise or sound reflections. In this quiet anechoic chamber, the team tested the mosquito's response to other noises, including the sound of female mosquitoes flying for male mosquitoes. Interestingly, male mosquitoes responded only to female sounds and when they heard this, they flew away.

Experimental device for hearing test of mosquito. (Photo courtesy of Mosquito Aedes aegypti & Current Biology)

"We were able to observe the behavior of male mosquitoes with the recorded sound of male mosquitoes or female mosquitoes," Miles said in a press release. "We also found that we could measure the neuron response of the antenna and hear the sound at an amazing distance from the same frequency that is important for human speech."

This study did not focus on how the auditory function of mosquitoes can help find a human host, but has released an interesting insight into how noise is important to the mating activities of this insect.

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