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NASA has to consider a commercial rocket for a scheduled launch on the moon.

Cape Canberra, Florida. – Two astronauts and astronauts are taking the Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station.

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But by the end of the year, astronauts can launch commercial spacecraft in the US, and soils and civilian rockets can be used to fly the Orion spacecraft.

NASA aims to launch Orion unmanned this summer, and the agency is considering commercial support.

The expected delay to NASA's space launch rocket could jeopardize unmanned missions around June 2020.

NASA 's executive Jim Bridenstine said Wednesday that the Senate committee has other options.

"If we tell you and others that we will fire towards the moon in June 2020, what EM-1 is, I think we should fire around the moon in June 2020," Bridenstine said. "And I think it can be done, we need to consider agency as an agency to achieve that goal." Some of these options should include launching the Orion crew capsule and European service model on commercial rockets is. "

Dale Ketcham, with Space Florida, said this could actually help the Space Coast.

Ketcham is "planning to not have to wait for the SLS." Ketcham is able to expedite the process and have the ability to develop the moon's habitat, descent module, ascent module, and other forms of hardware I can move forward quickly. "

In the next few weeks, we need to know whether NASA will be in the SLS or commercialized for testing flights next month.

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