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Red Joan – Judi Dench is a Russian spy in this cozy drama.

A timid English drama Red Joan (Trevor Nunn) argues that it is based on the life of Melita Norwood, secretary of Bexleyheath suburbs, who for 40 years delivered the nuclear secret to the KGB. Her story can make a convincing movie. But the Stalinist Norwood is not in full cozy Judi Dench (naturally). In the midst of curling the net curtains, we met Joan, who became a frog in her class, and charged 27 of the official secret code violations. Her family is embarrassed. But once they are detained, the pieces move back and forth through the script as if they were written in table tennis bats.

They begin their studies at Cambridge at the end of World War II. The young Joan (Sophie Cookson) was seduced by the brazen and extreme anti-Nazism of the Bolshevik company as a lively physicist. "It's an important thing," she recounts now. As a result, Manila's years of efforts to smuggle, motivation rather than love for mother Russia, humanitarian desire for balance of world nuclear power, and cautiously-secret passion for good-natured communists in Cocoa.

★★ ☆☆☆

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