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Smokies beat Jackson in the opening match of the series.

KODAK, Tenn. (Tennessee smoking) – Tennessee Smoky (7-3) played comfortably on Monday night with a 6-2 victory over General League champion Jackson (4-6).

Fans of the Smokies were welcomed early in the first game with two homers in Robin Garcia's bat. Jackson is the Smokies catcher P.J. When Higgins tried to drive Galli Cribbs Jr. to second base and Jazz Chisholm stole from home, he scored five points in the fifth.

In the next game, Jackson was sent home by Ramon Hernandez to the left field and Jamie Westbrook home. Smokey did not regain his lead in the sixth inning, and Charcer Burks recruited Nico Hoerner.

Roberto Caro beat the center twice in the second to double, scoring his eighth home run and leading the way 6-2.

The dominant performance on the mound is beginning to end. RHP Tyson Miller scored five innings, five strikeouts, and one RBI. LHP Jordan Mimichi (W, 2-1) posted victory with two innings of innings, posting a strikeout and allowing the run. RHP Bailey Clark (S, 1) saved two perfect innings and two strikeouts.

Jackson's RHP Riley Smith (L, 0-2) scored three runs and six hits in 5.1 innings.

Game 2 of the series will take place on Tuesday night at 7 pm ET on Smokies Stadium. Pitching matchups include Smokies' RHP Thomas Hatch and RHP Bo Takahashi on Jackson's mound.

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