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The awesome, affordable car charger and dash cam of Anker are more affordable, but only today

Anker's cheap dash cams and car chargers are cheaper today. The accessories manufacturer sells day by day at Amazon savings. Choose car equipment including charger, dash cam and phone mount.

The sale ends before midnight on Friday. Although sales include only six items, they are worth commuting every day.

First: Anker DashCam C2 Roav for $ 106. This is not the cheapest of the two cams in today's sales, but it is the best discount. This model is usually sold for $ 150. It features a 1080p camera, a wide-angle lens for up to four lanes, GPS logging, built-in Wi-Fi, loop recording, night mode and a 32GB microSD card. There is also a companion smartphone app.

If you have forgotten to turn off the headlights all the time, you'll get the Roav Jumper Starter Pro for $ 74. This is a versatile 8,000mAh external battery that is typically sold for $ 100. There is a jumper cable to charge the 6-liter engine, but there are two USB ports for charging mobile devices. On top of that is a built-in flashlight and a compass.

Finally, one of Anker's 2-port car chargers is being sold for $ 20 instead of $ 30. Pack one USB-C port and one Type-A for simultaneous charging. It also features Anker's PowerIQ 2.0 technology for Type-A ports, which automatically identifies the amount of voltage the device can handle for faster charging.

If the transaction does not tickle your fancy, $ 20 to $ 20, Roav DashCam S1 to $ 71.49, and Anker PowerWave wireless charging and air vent pocket $ 30 to $ 46.


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