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The game of the throne 8th premiere: Reunion, dragon and fire on the sword


All of the family …


Jon Snow joked about the cold for seven seasons and citizens of King Landing pulled out their winter wool clothes from the back. Game of Thrones is winter!

Game of Thrones 8 Started on a Sunday Episode 1 It was everything we wanted. And this show More complex Rather than the Dewey Decimal system in the Fort Library, we can easily summarize everything we need to know in episode 1.

🚨🚨🚨 The spoiler klaxon sounds! 🚨🚨🚨

It's no wonder that the spoiler is full below. But is that why you are here?

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The throne of the game Season 8: Answer all your questions …


Season 7 fast chase

Where did we finish Season 7? There is a foundation to hold you all.


  • Cersei Lannister promised to participate in the White Walkers struggle,Psychic * She plans to destroy the rest of Westeros to fight them in the north while they are cold in King's Landing. However, she hired a mercenary army to fight them after killing the Undead. Cersei also said that he was pregnant with the child of Jaime who gave birth to a child, but he escaped King 's Landing to fight the dead in Winterfell.
  • Tirion Ranister betrayed his imitation and is still advising Danny.


  • Jon Snow pledged allegiance to Daenerys. (Oh, he promised.) And the two officially entered the skeleton. But (it's a big ass.) They are related. Still, Dany and her nephew Auntie are planning to fight with the undead.
  • Arya and Sansa are in Winterfell, who just killed Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. Sister, do it yourself.
  • Bran is still sitting in his room and telling people that he's "Three-Eyed Raven." The boy really changed after he spent the summer at the tree camp.

White Walker

  • The undead are officially marching south through the wall. Oh, and they now have a dragon. – The suspect will ruin the job.

Episode 1 I repeat the point of the point.

For those of us who had just seen the early season's wall melt, dead march, ice throwing behavior again, the Season 8 Premiere was far more than just about building action and storylines for the episode.

Daenerys's army is heading north and it's time for everyone to come down from Winterfell and get some inventory before the war with the Undead begins.

You want a reunion? You're better believe You will see a little reunion!

It's all here! Tirion sees Sansa and they say, "Are you stupid?" Parents – A joke with my ex-husband on a teacher's night. Jon sees Arya! The two play the game "Check out my sweet sword" and Arya dismisses how many people have died. My big brother was Winterfell equivalent. It was asking how many beers you had at that minor party. Everyone sees bran. But they spend all sorts of those crows pretending they should go. So they do not have time to chat right now, I'm sorry.

Dany marches on Winterfell as if it were not a big deal.

Helen Sloan / HBO

But now there is no time to reunite! The Lord of North Korea deals with the fact that Jon bent his knees (and his heart, a!). What happened to the King of North Korea? Since when I pledged allegiance to Starks, when was the two-to-one contract with Targaryen? Jon makes his decision quite busy (between Dany's, eyes, eyes, eyes and eyes). And there is a general mood that everyone needs to fight the band with the dead.

On the other hand, Sansa, who is well-run in logistics at Winterfell, feels like dinner will have an additional 10,000 guests. She certainly does not have enough leftovers for all these troops. Can dragons also eat gluten-free?

Meanwhile, King & # 39; s Landing

Game of Orthon - 8-cersei

TFW is waiting for enemies to be classified by zombies …


Cersei, who has seriously resurrected the epaulette game since Season 7 (with episode shoulder pads), is delighted to find that the dead can break through the walls and enjoy a full brain buffet in the armies of Winterfell and Daenerys. This woman has a pretty cool record for the undead (see Zombie Mountain).

Cursei makes time for The World 's Worst Fiance, Euron Greyjoy, because in all its free time, she does not need to be glorious now. He got himself out of putting the Xbox on the boat to appear in Cersei's throne room (upgraded since last season with a little lovely cast iron flame pit at $ 165 in the Amazon). Greyjoy introduces Captrick Strickland, a new leader in the Golden Company mercenary army. Imagine a poor man, Jaime Lannister. He looks kind of nice, but "I'm just here. Who are you?" Way. He will probably be important later. So the sexy of the borderline.

However, the Golden Company does not match the photo of the tinder profile in relation to the head count or combat elephant, and Cersei is noticeably disappointed. However, Euron's small bedroom time is not resolved. Just quietly, "I wanted the elephant." It's about the best post-natal line I've heard on a TV show.

Do you know what happens if Cersei likes to relieve stress? By pouring rewards into her brothers' heads! (Right, Brother Plural!) We caught a prostitute at a brothel. (With naked ladies – it is your clue to drink when you play a game). Qyburn Mad scientist gives him a sweet crossbow and Cersei suggests that he loves a little dramatic irony. Kill Tyrion and Jaime with the crossbow that killed your father. Bronn, ever selling swords are accepted.

meantime. I learned that Yara Greyjoy is alive on the Iron Island battle ship. The disappearance of Season 7 will never die! Her brother, Theon, is trying to save her. After a few brothers and sisters (oh, I broke my head), the two of them again make good words. However, Theon's heart is elsewhere, and Yara senses it and leaves a place to fight with Stark.

Ride the Magic Dragon!

Jon and Dany have magical carpet riding time – sorry, joy of dragon – because the army is still clustered in Winterpel. Cue 108-second full fan service, do not lie, we are all absolutely waiting. They fly into the falls. (The ghosts of Ygritte quietly curse Jon's apparent tendencies towards cave sex.) And when they did they saw dragons.

Yes, it's like going home with a date that refuses to kick three Bassett hunters in the bedroom (Jon Snow faces Drogon's mid-kiss), but to Jon is the Grade-A content here. & Dany shippers.

Game - Of-Throne - Season 8 Trailer

"I can show you the world."


We cut out Gendry pulling weapons from Dragonglass at Pervy Drogon. (It turns out he's that boss.) Is that another reunion?

It is a hound that is looking at Arya and face! "You left me to die." At first I robbed you. To be honest, it's a bit of a reunion, but maybe The Hound is right. Arya is now "cold chicks". She did not come here to have a lovely moment with the man who killed her friend. (Mycah, Butcher 's Boy?) Sweet mercy from the past – I will forgive you if you forget.

We get more from Arya's reunion with Gryry (more "Oh, look at my dagger"). Arya played it very nicely and I will be willing to try to ship these two. She ordered custom-made weapons with Gendry. We want to take a look at it, but it looks like a dragon glass sculpture attached to the existing hilt (perhaps her Balirian dagger). I hope this guy becomes Arya's Knifey-Spoony.

In the meantime, Dany comes back from Make-out Creek and rushes to Sam! Meet cute cute. This did not tell Samwell his father and brother were dead because Samwell Tarly was dismayed. Whose job was it ?! Joe, perhaps? Daenerys says they died from a dragon's fire because they would not bend their knees. Sam goes outside to find the closest toilet cubicle. Instead, the bran clings to the courtyard. (Sorry, it's not bran, it's Three-Eyed Raven. FFS, bran, it's hard to like you.) Raven Boy tells Sam that it's time to fill Jon with awkward bloodlines. It 's awkward for him to be awkward because he hung his aunt on his neck.

Sam meets Jon on the trumpet and tells Jon the truth. "You are a true king, Aegon Targaryen, the sixth of his name, the guardian of the area." John … does not not. But praise of Kit Harington for acting on the feelings of "just a girlfriend – a reborn child who learned the queen" is now his aunt – inferiority. "That year's postponement school just made money.

Night King Wars here

reveal! Tormund Giantsbane did not melt the huge wall of 2017. He is alive! Of course this show Trailer for Season 8, But if you do not know there was another reunion for you. Tormund is a Dondarrion from Beric "Just My Light during the Just My Light" in Last Hearth (the family of the North who swore to House Umber's home, House Stark). They found the last remaining member of the Night's Watch, including Eddison Tollett (man, I did not think this man would survive again in Season 1), and that Night King passed his phone card .

What is it? Did you staple the child in a wall surrounded by limbs? You may have just left a Post-It note. The Wall boy was sent to collect the last of his family's men to join the northern armies of Jon and Dany in the early days of the episode, but instead was Wight (awesome jump scare) and the world's most gloomy Katharine wheels. They set on fire. (If you do not shine, you know what the point of the Catherine wheel is) and get even more warmth before you trudge.

After every waterfall make-out and dragon flight, this is the throne game we remember. In addition, the wall spiral pattern is the pattern we saw since the first season, and it certainly makes sense.

one more…

At the end of the show, a dark, mysterious rider arrives at Winterfell (in this case, how will the king shake to kill everyone at night?). But it's not Night King. It's – Revelation – Haimuranist!

Of course, the bran looked like a cloak across the courtyard. But then again he would have thought Jaime was coming. do not know? He is three crows. He is a big deal. Let it in as it is one of the final cliffhangers of the rant.


There was not much action, but this episode definitely builds on what we will see in the next five episodes of this season. It feels like a perfect bridge that links Season 7 action with ongoing combat and play. For die-hard fans wanting big bang, maybe you should wait a bit longer. But it was good fun for people who liked fan service of all favorites gathering together.

"Dragon 4 Training Method" – 7 out of 10.

We'll be back next week. By the way Check out the trailer for episode 2..

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