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The youngest future astronaut in the world, Zainab Azim, continues to encourage the world.


Toronto, July 17, 2019 / PRNewswire / – 16 years old Zainab Azim, The world's youngest future astronaut, has become an inspiration for international conferences. Europe and North America.

Zainab has recently been invited to the Technology and Aerospace Cluster (DTA) to attend two international events in Puglia, Italy. During her inspiring speech May 29-30Zainab was enthusiastic about the importance of investing in the next generation to encourage interest in the STEM field among young people. As an honest advocate, she elaborated on why education and space exploration are vital to solving some of the Earth's challenges. Zainab also frankly spoke of personal knowledge of her universe knowledge. "To get young people interested in STEM and astronomy, education is usually needed," Zainab said. "There are 52 million children who are not yet engaged in education around the world." She emphasized the importance of education, mentoring and access to opportunities for all. Jainab reiterated the importance of working with women and people of color to ensure the future where the next generation can survive and ensure a viable future.

Zainab's passion for space exploration began only at the age of six, when he began learning about the solar system. In addition to Zainab's natural curiosity, Zainab's parents and teachers have helped raise the love of space by providing access to quality resources. Zainab was inspired by landmark achievements such as female astronauts and Roberta Bondar. Sally Ride and Anoushe Ansari (The first female personal space explorer who personally encouraged teenagers in her efforts).

In 2015, Zainab will not only speak at the inaugural International, Space girl space woman Exhibition Paris, France. The organization connects girls with industry to support girls with dreams of space exploration. Zainab focused on diversity and inclusion as well as her other initiatives and tried to promote equal opportunities across all projects around the world. Zainab's achievements have been featured in the media both at home and abroad, including Time Magazine, CBC, CTV, CHCH and CityNews.

Zainab is the youngest future astronaut to fly with Virgin Galactic and will be able to dream of space exploration in the near future. As the first person on the moon reaches the 50th anniversary July 20Zainab continues to focus on inspiring other girls to educate and grow their dreams. "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land between the stars."

Jainab is a very enthusiastic and inspirational speaker who has continued to make various international contracts. In particular, Zainab expects to meet with the host country's Prime Minister at the most important international event in September.

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