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Tokelau Estimation of CO2 emissions | RNZ News

Tokelau's annual carbon footprint is quantified for the first time and about 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted annually from the atoll.

Cargo ship near Tokelau Nukunonu

Cargo ship near Tokelau Nukunonu

Emissions have been announced as part of the New Zealand greenhouse gas inventory.

It is estimated that about 1,500 people emit 2,860 tons of carbon dioxide each year, less than 2 tons per person.

According to World Bank statistics in 2014, 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per capita and 5 tonnes of extensive emissions across the entire Pacific Island range from 0.4 tonnes of the Solomon Islands to 12.3 tonnes of Palau and 16 tonnes of New Caledonia.

The Tokelau government said the data would help residents develop greenhouse gas reduction measures.

"Limiting global warming should reduce carbon emissions in all countries, big or small," said Paula Faiva, director of climate change measures.

"Identifying and quantifying key sectors and sources of Tokelau's GHG emissions help develop cost-effective, low carbon mitigation countermeasures, as outlined in our national climate change strategy," she said.

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