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Trump White House Pressure on Climate Science NASA – Quartz

Many Americans receive e-mails from artists on climate science in septuagenarians. If the recipient runs NASA and the caller is a member of the White House National Security Council, that's another story.

NASA's Jim Bridenstine, a busy man, did not respond to the White House official's email, which criticized a new view on climate change.

The US space agency was a key source of scientific data on climate warming. It is because of the measurement by the orbit satellite. When Bridenstine was beaten to lead the agency, he was a congressman in the Conservative party in Oklahoma, who criticized the idea of ​​global warming. With the help of Bill Nye, he quickly saw his face to match his views with the scientists he led.

Not everyone appreciated the change.

"[H]Oubriedensin [sic] Or someone could say that humans are a major cause of warming. "William Happer The Trump presidents of the National Security Council wrote in an e-mail to the NASA executive on May 19 that the Hartford Institute The conversation between Happer and Thomas Wysmuller, officials at the Heartland Institute, is a think tank in the petroleum industry that criticizes mainstream climate science.

Happer, former Princeton professor, is a member of the Trump Administration who wants to reverse military and intelligence assessments that back global warming issues to national security. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has submitted a Request for Freedom Act request to view NASA documents identifying these e-mails.

E-mail excerpts from Will Happer to Thomas Wysmuller and Jim Bridenstine

NASA representative Jim Morhard sent an email to an unidentified correspondent. NASA's educational content complained that Australian children "were injected into this bad science."

Nothing has changed on this Web site, and NASA officials have commented on personal meetings, but did not respond to the mass of official accounts. Ben Levitz, an EDF attorney who proved that NASA had participated in Happer's review, did not sign it.

Despite NASA leaders trying to defend the Happer scientists, there was no signal. He and Wysmuller both e-mailed the e-mail with a criticism of the space agency that they worked at NASA in the Apollo program and thought they were focusing on too "nonsense" such as rising sea levels and rising temperatures.

The two also suggested that Bridenstine's reversal of climate change was driven by convenience, not by truth.

Happer commented on Bridenstine's comment on climate change: "Jim Bridenstine still believes that the Potomac estuary is intent on spreading the problem, which is essentially a non-core issue, since there is nothing to pour the NASA headquarters sooner or for the life of everyone.

"He entered the nest of a beehive without a pot," Wysmuller wrote, hoping that NASA 's honeycomb could be systematically settled. "I have a lot to do there, I am doing an important mission in important missions, and it is not in the best interests of my country or in the country to suffer the climatic disturbances during the first month, # 39; and act accordingly. "

NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs did not respond to questions about letters or institutional climate studies.

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