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We must apologize for colonial rule and face racism.


In Belgium, racial discrimination against African races is "endemic", and UN experts say on Monday that they should apologize and indemnify for crimes committed during the Colonial pioneering period in Congo.

Belgium's behavior in the Congo has long been condemned as one of the worst cases of colonial abuse. Writer Adam Hochschild argued in Leopold 's "King Leopold' s Ghost," published in 1998, that it dominates millions of Congo 's births.

"The root cause of the current human rights violations is the lack of awareness of the true extent of violence and colonization," the African Development People's Task Force (UWG) said in an interim report in Belgium.

King Leopold's reign on the Congo was notorious for its brutality from 1885 to 1908. After Leopold handed over the Congo to Belgium, the small country was not shaken to 80 times the size of the world, halfway around the world until the 1960s when the Congo was independent.

Race discrimination in Belgium continues today, the UN said.

"We are concerned about the human rights situation of African Americans in Belgium who have experienced racism and racism." There is clear evidence that racial discrimination is endemic in Belgian institutions. "

UN forces said Belgium should consider the compensation for Congo to be seen as a means of reconciliation and healing in darkness in history.

The Belgian government added, "We need to apologize for the atrocities committed in the colonial era."

U.N. to announce the final conclusion in September. The group praised the Belgian government's willingness to fight racism.

The Belgian prime minister said the government would read and evaluate the report before giving its opinion.

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