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Zimbabwe Exam Preparation: Tami Mu


Return from injury.

"I do not think I can do it, so there is very little chance of doing a second test. I am not ready." © Getty

Bangladesh Opening Day Tamim Iqbal will again be highlighted in an upcoming series with the Windies. Tamim, who suffered a wrist injury in the opening game against Sri Lanka, hit the tennis ball three days before. But for the first time on Thursday (November 8), he had a session with the cricket ball at the academy. But his net session caught everyone's attention and he hoped that many would believe he could be included in the test team for a second-round decision with Zimbabwe. Considering the host's blow in both fights, he was defeated in a difficult 151 round.

The arrival of physio Chandramohan during his batting session in the afternoon added fuel to the speculation as if the selector had an emergency meeting with nearby Steve Rhodes. In the BCB premises, physio was called in one step to report Tommy's condition after closely observing his development.

Tamim, however, removed the air after his private practice.

"I started hitting against Spin and Dogstick.I did not suffer much pain, but because there is some weakness in my hand, a certain shot gives me some pain.Tamy said," I hit The day is probably today. I do not have a complete Internet session. There are a lot of differences between playing 130-140 Kph and playing spin and dog sticks. The current situation looks very positive. I will know where I am when the complete Internet session is over in the next three days. "

"I do not think I can do it, so there is very little chance of doing the second test, I'm not ready, I think the physical therapist will not allow me, it's just three days of half strike. If I do not start the net, it will not be fair for my team to declare it to be suitable for me. [against West Indies] It will not be fair to dominate me now, as I will play for two days if I feel it is necessary. It depends on where I am on November 16 or 17. "

Tamim was convinced that Bangladesh will be back in the second game series because he believes the Tigers are capable of coming out again.

"When 100 percent comes back, the team and I know we did not play the best cricket, we are a much better team, and we did not do it in the test as we did. We do not, but it is true that we have started a better cricket race than five years ago.We defeated two of our best teams.We did not like the West Indies test series at all.Our graph of test cricket is as good as we want "Tamim said.

"I felt I had to be good at the first inning, but I do not think it's fair for the team to talk about performance outside, I see what we can do differently. I am still a member of the team when I belong to. "

"I talked to some players and some people called me, it's very personal, I communicated the message with help, we did not have a good cricket match, and that's why we reached this situation "

But Tamim did not agree with Mahmuda after the opening test. Bangladesh said it will continue to target trial cricket. Bangladesh has not won the game in the last eight tests. Four of them played at home, and failed because of the inning, which did not exceed 200 RBIs in 8 consecutive innings.

"I do not agree with him. [Mahmudullah] But it is also true that we did not expect to be hit by Zimbabwe. People are shocked by this situation. They are disappointed and begin to blame each other. It is probably one of them that Riyad bhai is talking about. It probably came from frustration. He wanted something different from the argument. We know how much athletes are trying to do better in the test. But sometimes we are very disappointed if we do not get the results. We play better and fight back against this other party. I believe that we are strong enough to actively accept it. "Concluded Tamim.

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