Wednesday , June 29 2022

Zimbabwe: Let's get involved with youth.


The election is approaching and remarkably Zimbabwean young people have shown a large number of participants to form their future. Like the Zanu-PF youth league, we believe in governance and national testimony.

Our leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has won a bold victory and we will make a positive team to shine Zimbabwe. Zanu-PF, of course, won most of the young people. In every revolution, young people are always the backbone of such a revolution, and Zanu-PF youth is no exception. As a ruling party, our focus should be national in nature.

Outlook is bright and economic growth prospects are positive. We are now entering the darkest hour just before dawn, and soon we will get the result of patience and hard work. President Mangangagwa is implementing reforms across all sectors of the economy. Reform means literally biting letters. Reform means breaking down all the luxury lifestyles of the past regime and tying the belt. Reform means all hands on the deck. Reform means irrelevance to corruption. Reform means political will to change things that can not be touched by the previous regime. This is what our president does and we are very supportive of him.

I had attended the party from then on with Zanu-PF as a young man, but I had never witnessed the pulsating growth and obligation shown by most of our leaders under the leadership of Emmerson Mnangagwa's servant. Muananga and the president's life represent the revolution since then, when he was a member of the Zanu-PF youth league in the 1960s.

According to ZimStat, there was a young population in Zimbabwe in 2012. Of the total population of 13,061,239, 77% consisted of children and youth under 35 years of age. Adolescents between the ages of 15 and 34 account for 36% of the nation's population at 4702 046 and youth between 15 and 24 account for 20% of the total population.

This should inform policymakers that they need to allocate more resources to important sectors that need access to mentoring, jobs and emerging technologies. We want to make our own scientists and scholars among young people with the right tools. For example, a recent graduation from the Harare Institute of Technology is a recent graduation. HIT is embarking on several start-up projects that can inspire other universities to launch other projects, and the Youth League of Zanu-PF is ready to support and promote those home ideas.

HIT has interesting entrepreneurial projects such as Power Team Technologies and Lads (Private) Limited. Both companies can change our country if properly supported. I understand that young people today face the same challenges of accessing college. Because of the high astronomical tuition fees sometimes, students are deprived of their financial financial status by continuing to grant grants to the higher education department. Through this platform, we will transform ideas, develop ideas and develop ideas to meet the vision of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vision 2030, where young people's lives make Zimbabwe a middle income economy.

We hope to participate in a frank debate and use this platform in a constructive way to listen to various views. The Juvenile League is proud of all the children of Zimbabwe and gives the necessary shoulders to develop the country.

To quote President Mangangagwa: "During the 20 years we have lost while other countries are developing, we will leap and want to catch up with other countries and other African and other countries. " And if we work together as a group in a nursery school with an idea that dreams turn into reality, we can.

Our hands are based on young people, all races, genders and beliefs throughout the country, reaching out to rebuild the country and develop our potential. We are aware of the challenges that need to be addressed and appreciate the lack of basic goods without underestimating. We are aware of the high unemployment rates and the many challenges young people face every day. But we do not think we have panacea for the current problem.

Like the Zanu-PF youth league, we do not object to anyone, but we are non-nationally stating that the sanctions that they are hitting the country's governing should remain blindly focused on these unjust actions. I did it.

Like the young people of the ruling party, we should set an example. That's why we are a supporter of empowerment, self-employment, and patriotism. This platform can go together by taking patriotic and brotherly attitudes. It is important for us to create jobs for the people, but we want to be employers rather than hiring them. So we focus on creating an employer, not an employee. What we need is graduates who will take on initiatives, become successful entrepreneurs and grow into billionaires in a country with all the ingredients for success.

Our president is writing a record saying he wants to make a millionaires in Zimbabwe. And as a youth representative, we know the proper means and the way to make that vision a reality. Zimbabwe is granted 98% of the world's known minerals. We have the ability and what we need is to act on the pedals and push the development agenda to treat young people boldly to help fulfill this dream.

However, you can not do this with the attitude that you believe someone is hiring someone who can only do so if you have the right mind to achieve and realize your dream. We do not have to be distracted by our employment and we are capturing the low hanging fruit granted by our leadership.

As you know, young people will benefit from reduced farms, and we also want opportunities for mine and other countries' rich initiatives. There is a fishery in Tugwi-Mukosi and there is a prospect of supplying gas to the Mujeravani Basin. The transportation sector is now run by foreigners and young people who have partnerships with other investors have the opportunity to bring spirit to our village.

Opportunities for young people are numerous. Zimbabwe is a young country and our promise as a youth alliance is simple. It ensures that young people who make up over 60% of the population can eat cherries.

Pupurai Togarepi is Zanu-PF General Secretary and Zanu-PF Super Whip.

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